Buy the right Condo in Playa del Carmen and make sure you will be able to rent it out!!!

Many times I see prospects looking online for condos for sale in Playa del Carmen and trying to find the cheapest deal.

Usually I would say I support this, but if you look a little bit closer into this, there are a few very important details to consider.

Buying Real Estate in Playa del Carmen means you need to trust your realtor and his knowledge. If you start your property search online and set yourself a price limit, that is great. But if you try to pay the smallest amount possible you find online, you might come down and just realize that actually all those properties you choose to see online are too small, not good enough, far away from the beach, not easy to rent, not as nice as on the website, etc.

You just need to make sure and check, if it might no be the better deal for you to invest a bit more and buy a property that will make you really happy.

One where you can rent all year around to tourist coming to the caribbean, one that has a great neighborhood, is close to the beach and the convenient stores and one that is built the right way and guarantees your low maintenance cost over the next years.

Of Course we try to find you the 250k property priced for less than 200k, but don’t let yourself guide only by the price in your search. Real Estate Playa del Carmen has so many more factors deciding if the property is good for you, that I recommend you to just take the time and talk a bit more to your realtor before you come down here and get all information possible for your enterprise. By the way, you should click onthe picture. Definitely the deal of the week if you look for condos for sale in Mexico!!!

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only Ocean View Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen for less than 250k!!!

It is safe to say, that if you look for real estate in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you should consider this property one of top options.

From all the condos for sale in this town, I have to say, that this developer is truly delivering one of the best, if not the best apartments in this price range.

If you try to stay below the 250k and want at the same time ocean view, rooftop pool, hardwood floors, modern design, top construction quality, elevator, underground parking and a place that is close to the beach and easy to rent. this Condo should be on your list!!!

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Thai Cuisine in Playa del Carmen




Apart from News about Playa del Carmen Real Estate and Condos for Sale, you can find once in a while here some hopefully interesting information about Restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

I was visiting Thailand in 2007 and actually amazed by the food you could get in Bangkok and along the coast. Usually Asian food was not my biggest favorite, but than I realized, that Indian and Thai cuisine easily became one of my favorites. Fresh ingredients, pretty much the best balance and most interesting mixtures of spices and flavors, those two countries gave me some of the best culinary memories  ever.

For the obvious reason it is not easy to find good Thai or Indian restaurants in Playa del Carmen, but yesterday we went to eat out in Gluay Maai Thai in the Via 38 building on 38th street, when you walk down to the beach.

Small place, very nice atmosphere, elegant design and i was really surprised –  the most authentic and delicious Thai food one can expect. I was literally in food heaven when we shared the red curry with shrimp and the chicken green curry. You can have it spicy or not, order different rice side dishes and the only bad thing is really, that ones stomach doesn’t allow you the try the entire menu in one visit.

I think the chef is from Thailand, but even if i am not a specialist in Thai Cuisine, I felt like being in Bangkok’s night market again. And if you want to try something else than ceviche and tacos in your next visit, this restaurant definitely should be one of the places to stop by.


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Mamitas Beach Condos for Sale Playa del Carmen for less than 200k!!!!

One of the nicest area to search for properties in Mexico is Mamitas Beach in Playa del Carmen. Here you find amazing condos for sale and some of the best Playa del Carmen Real Estate.

Every day thousands of tourist go and visit Mamitas and Kool beach Club and it is probably the nicest and most visited area in Playa. To own a property here is a guarantee to make good income through vacation rentals. Find more real estate opportunities here or just click on the picture. Mamitas beach is only one of the hotspots for condos for sale in Playa del crmen Centro, so check out our website as well and find us on Youtube and Facebook.


Margaritas in Playa del Carmen

If you have bought real estate with us or are still looking for a condo for sale in Playa del Carmen, let me give you a good advice. people warn always about not having too many Margaritas when you look for real estate here, as it is an investment and you need to think about many details being part of a big decision.

Another reason is, that most Margaritas are not exactly yummy, but more focused on a high concentration of liquor and sweets flavors. I figured, you might need some good recipes for Margaritas and I recommend you to check out to click on the photo. It will bring you to one of the best pages about this very Mexican drink and tell you 8 amazing recipes to prepare your Margaritas and surprise your friends with it.

Obviously the best way to so is on the rooftop terrace of your newly bought Condo in Playa del Carmen, overlooking the Caribbean Ocean and enjoying the mild Mexican winters.

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Where to find the best Homes for Sale in Real Estate Market Playa del Carmen

Observing the Real Estate Market in Playa del Carmen, I realized one of the trends is, that private homes in the gated golf course community of Playacar are more reasonably priced than in the years before. You find more and more owner selling their properties without any waiting time or problems, as they lowered the prices or sometimes even offer payment structure for potential buyers. We see more and more fulltime residents enjoying the great infrastructure of Playacar. Even me, having always lived in the city, I feel very tempted to move to Playacar and enjoy the wide streets, the walkways, the tropical vegetation, the golf course, the safe environment and the beaches being a little bit less crowded. It seems to me logically, that the high number of recent sales of real estate in Playacar Fase 1 and 2 is based on the same fact, that more and more buyers find the best and highest life style quality in Playa del Carmen and Playacar, which is very family friendly, hence the increasing number of sales to locals and clients with family coming down from the US and Canada.

Just click on the picture to find more Homes for Sale in Playa del Carmen


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Real Estate Hotspot Playa del Carmen – Mamitas Beach

Have you been asking yourself exactly where Little Italy starts and what is the difference to Mamitas when you come to Playa del Carmen. Well Mamitas is the beach on 28th street and Little Italy, well you better come down and experience it yourself and will be able to find out very quickly why people call it Little Italy. A great place to invest into Real Estate at the moment. Prices have been going up steadily for condos for sale in this part of Playa del Carmen, but these days you can find once in a while a great opportunity at a fantastic price. If you want to see the listing details, just click on the picture. Penthouse unit is available at 640k, 2nd floor at 349k!!!

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