Thai Cuisine in Playa del Carmen




Apart from News about Playa del Carmen Real Estate and Condos for Sale, you can find once in a while here some hopefully interesting information about Restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

I was visiting Thailand in 2007 and actually amazed by the food you could get in Bangkok and along the coast. Usually Asian food was not my biggest favorite, but than I realized, that Indian and Thai cuisine easily became one of my favorites. Fresh ingredients, pretty much the best balance and most interesting mixtures of spices and flavors, those two countries gave me some of the best culinary memories  ever.

For the obvious reason it is not easy to find good Thai or Indian restaurants in Playa del Carmen, but yesterday we went to eat out in Gluay Maai Thai in the Via 38 building on 38th street, when you walk down to the beach.

Small place, very nice atmosphere, elegant design and i was really surprised –  the most authentic and delicious Thai food one can expect. I was literally in food heaven when we shared the red curry with shrimp and the chicken green curry. You can have it spicy or not, order different rice side dishes and the only bad thing is really, that ones stomach doesn’t allow you the try the entire menu in one visit.

I think the chef is from Thailand, but even if i am not a specialist in Thai Cuisine, I felt like being in Bangkok’s night market again. And if you want to try something else than ceviche and tacos in your next visit, this restaurant definitely should be one of the places to stop by.


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