Condos for Sale with Ocean View in Playa del Carmen


Ocean View Properties for Sale in Mexico – If you always dreamed about enjoying white sandy beaches and Caribbean Waters from your own balcony, here you can find Real Estate for Sale in Playa del Carmen at affordable prices.

Casa del Mar is a luxurious development in the Coco Beach area. Build as close as it can get to the Sea, you find exclusive finishing and design and probably one of the best views a person can ask for. The single units are very spacious and the materials used in the interior are highest standards ( kitchen, marble floors, accessories).

There are only a few condos for sale left and you should contact us quickly to purchase penthouses around 500k and 2nd floor units at around 420k asking price.

Weekly rated for vacation rentals promise good returns and to see one of the properties online, just click on the picture of visit our Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen Website and visit the Ocean View section on Point 2. You will find very useful info on your Facebook and Youtube site and for any question, just contact us directly.

Private Homes for Sale in Playacar Gated Golf Course Community for less than 270k !!!

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Have you been walking through the beautiful landscape of Playacar recently? If you always thought that buying Real Estate in Playa del Carmen always has to be very expensive, check this property out.

In the middle of all the 5 Star resorts and tropical landscaping with palm trees and hundreds of different kinds of birds like Tukans and Parrots, you find million dollar homes as well as beachfront condos for sale. If you choose to work with us, there is a very good chance, that you will save a lot of money in the process of purchasing real estate like this home in Playa del Carmen and you will find our assistance very helpful in many other ways as well.

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Price Reduced for Family Retreat Real Estate in Playa del Carmen


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If you need more than the usual 2 bedroom Condo for Sale and have been looking online for interesting Real Estate Deals in Playa del Carmen, this might be a great choice for you.

Inside the gated Golf Course Community of Playacar with all the exclusive private homes and beachfront resorts, you find the subdivision called Pakal.

Here we have a complex of mexican style homes sharing a common area with 2 huge pools and nice tropical vegetation. The owner of this house just reduced the price and this could be your chance to invest into Real Estate in Playa del Carmen and become owner of a large 3 bedroom home in best location. You have discounted access to the golf club and free membership in one of the beach clubs inside a 5 star resort.

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Find Real Estate just south of Playa del Carmen


Once you own Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, you will find out, that in close approximity to this beautiful Caribbean Town, there are other smaller destinations worth a trip. One of them is just a quick drive south of Playa del Carmen and without a doubt one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Mexico.

Akumal is a small community between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Akumal is know for some of the best snorkeling in the world and home of the famous sea turtles. for more info about this amazing animals, just click on the picture and enjoy the link.

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Christmas in the Caribbean


First the good news. There will be lots of real estate purchase in Playa del Carmen due to the postboned end of the world.

People will continue to come from all  over the world to visit this beautiful spot in the Mexican Caribbean.

There have been rumors, that the gentleman on this picture is looking for a new residence and considers Playa del Carmen Real estate a safe and profitable investment. A different lifestyle, more happy people, fantastic weather all year long, miles of white sandy beaches and the most incredible color of the Caribbean water makes him one more person in love with Playa del Carmen.

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A great Place to be when the world goes into another Era


The Mayans do still live in this beautiful area of Mexico and they decided a few thousand years ago to start one of the biggest tourism campaigns in the Modern World.

Sitting on my desk today and consulting people which Real Estate to buy in Playa del Carmen, I realized that big things are about to begin. People from allover the world come to Mexico to witness the end of the old and the beginning of the new era.

So please feel free to comment here and tell us your ideas about the things to come. The positive and the negative expectations you have, let’s share either one and hope, that this world becomes a better and nicer place.

I have to say, that in my opinion a good start would be to re locate to Mexico. This country and its amazing people have given us so much in the last years and I feel very comfortable predicting a bright future for the Mexican Caribbean and many more places in this amazing place.

If you like to click on the picture, you will find info about the Mayans and one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the Yucatan.

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Things to do close to Playa del Carmen


Most of the People that buy Real Estate Playa del Carmen know more about the fun things to do in this beautiful area of Mexico than I do.

Maybe I work too much and there are too many prospects coming down here looking for condos for sale and other real estate in Playa del Carmen.

But if you want to check out a few activities where you can enjoy the ocean and the beach and the underwater treasures in this part of the Caribbean  you should just click on the picture and check out this amazing website. You can find the most amazing tours to the mayan ruins and snorkel paradises here and everything is done with great and knowledgeable guides.

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Playa del Carmen Real Estate – Mamitas Beach


One of the best areas to find Real Estate in Playa del Carmen if your personal decission is based on great location is Mamitas Beach. The majority of visitors to Playa del Carmen enjoyed the 2 beach clubs here and consider this one of the most desirable spots to look for condos for sale in Playa del Carmen. You will find a lot of high class real estate, mostly apartments and all of them with very good rental potential to make investors happy with extra income. The prices have been going up and you definitely should contact us as your realtor of choice to find you properties for sale at discounted price. One of the best properties is available for you to visit, just click on the picture.

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Playa del Carmen Real Estate News


The Caribbean Waters attract every year millions of visitors to come and visit Playa del Carmen. Many decide to invest   into Real Estate and buy property in Playa del Carmen. If you want to buy a private home close to the beach and enjoy high standards and relaxed lifestyle, the gated beachfront community of Playacar is one of the best spots to search for Playa del Carmen Real Estate. You will find luxurious Homes for Sale and quickly realize, that prices here in mexico are very competitive and mostly only half of what similar properties sell for in the US or Europe.

If you need more information on this property, just click on the picture and please always check our website to find more amazing Playa del Carmen Real Estate Deals.

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