4 Bedroom Home for Sale on the Golf Course – walking distance to the Caribbean Beach.

w475h356 (4)

This is one of the very rare opportunities, where you can buy a great villa for a very discounted price.

Real Estate in Playa del Carmen and surrounding area is in high demand, so there is a good chance prices go up.

It is the best moment to buy on of these properties listed at discounted price and enjoy the value of your property going up over the next year. There is still lots of condos and homes for sale and will probably always be as they are mostly second homes, but if you buy real estate in this area of mexico right now and pay a fair price, chances are very good your investment will gain in value in the future.

This 4 bedroom House is located at the Golf Course in Puerto Aventuras, you can enjoy the big garden, the lot has almost 8000 sqft, the beautiful landscaping, the quiet atmosphere, the quick walk to the beach and the Marina with all its restaurants and of course the property itself with its 4 bedrooms and spacious interior and terrace spaces.

For more info, just click on the picture or visit us on our Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen Website and find us on Point 2, Facebook and Youtube.


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