Haciendas Homes for Sale in Playa del Carmen

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When looking to buy real estate in Mexico,

one of the first images coming to mind is that of a beautiful hacienda with terracotta tiles, colorful interior, warm design details and place offering lots of good vibrations for you and your family.

Now, if you have been checking on the property market here in Playa del Carmen, you will know, that most of the times we promote ocean view condos for sale and luxurious homes close to the beach, as we are in the caribbean and millions of tourist come here and want to enjoy white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Mainly the newer buildings are very modern and elegant and it seems like if you want to live in a hacienda, the place to look is Merida or Guanajuato or San Miguel de Allende.

But a good realtor always finds you the impossible and we at Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen manage to be able to offer you a 3 bedroom Hacienda in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Playacar at a great price!!

You can enjoy the advantages of living in a gated community, be close to the golf course, enjoy free access to the facilities of the Playacar Beach Club and live in a save and tropical environment very close to the Caribbean Ocean.

For more info about the listing, just click on the picture and find all necessary details.

If you like what you see, don’t wait too long and come down soon and enjoy the best time of the year in Playa del Carmen.

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A day off from Playa del Carmen Real Estate and it is time to take a weekend and go and visit the magical place of Tulum.

Not as interesting for condos for sale and real estate investments like Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, but a perfect spot to spend a weekend and let recharge your batteries.

We pretty much always would go to La Vita e Bella and considered this our favorite Beach Club in Tulum.

Great Menu with seafood and real italian pizza, close to the ancient Tulum Ruins and just a beautiful spot to spend time with your family.

This weekend we decided to go and visit Las Ranitas Hotel and we had one of our best times in Tulum.

The rooms are very much the best I have seen so far in Tulum and because of this and the amazing location, it is a favorite spot for many Americans and Canadians to come down and get married here.

For more info about weddings just click on the picture.

Las Ranitas is probably one of the closest Boutique Hotels to Sian Kian Biosphere, very private and with the perfect beach, miles of white sandy Caribbean ones with coco nut palm trees and yesterday the full moon to make this the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your free time.

From today on we will be in the office again and you can contact us for current real estate opportunities in Playa del Carmen and more info about Mexico and the beautiful secrets we like to share with you.

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2 bedroom Condos for Sale in Gated Community in Playa del Carmen for 130k



Playacar is a gated Golf Course Community and part of Playa del Carmen, where most Americans and Canadians find the best Real Estate Opportunities in Mexico.

In Wikipedia it says that Playacar is a upscale resort area of Playa del Carmen and for more detailed information you can check out this link.

Basically if you love the Caribbean, the tropical climate and vegetation and instead of downtown Playa del Carmen like it better to purchase real estate in a secluded gated area, Playacar is perfect for you.

And if you think,  all the homes you see online mean, that you only can find condos and homes for sale for very high and exclusive prices, I’d like to show you this amazing 2 bedroom ground floor for not more than a 130,000 US. You are surprise now? Just click on the picture to find the exact info about this amazing deal.

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What to do on the weekend in Playa del Carmen


If you have been asking yourself, what we do in Playa del Carmen after a week of showing Condos for Sale and luxurious Real Estate Opportunities?

Well, we go to the beach and enjoy what is best about Playa del Carmen. The white sand, the turquoise water, coconut palmtrees and a frozen Margarita.

One of the places to go is the Grand Coral Beach Club. Just click on the picture and you’ll be shown a video on youtube showing the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings. It is a great restaurant as well, where you can enjoy yummy burgers fresh ceviche or the caribbean fried fish.

In this area of Playa del Carmen you find beachfront and golf course Real Estate on this link here, where you see great Condos for Sale in Best Location.

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Luxurious Loft style Condos with Ocean View in Playa del Carmen








One of the beautiful parts of owning one of the condos for sale you’ll find on our website instead of a house, is that the common areas offer you the advantage of a shared responsibility and less cost to maintain them.

Most of the time, those amazing rooftop pools with views overlooking the Caribbean Ocean are not visited and used a lot, so you actually have a fair chance of being the only person enjoying them. And you do not have to pay the extra price for a penthouse with a private rooftop. You will find, that there are many properties in Playa del Carmen where these advantages can save you up to 200,000 US if you you decide to buy real estate and choose a condo on the lower floors.

In the case of this brand new building you have the last 5 condos for sale on the 1st level with private entrances, 2 level interior with extra high ceilings, very modern design, private access to the underground parking and great discounts if you purchase before May.

If you want to check out more details, just click on the picture and visit our Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen website to find more interesting real estate opportunities.

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Exclusive Residential Real Estate Playa del Carmen









One of the neighborhoods, where Real Estate is mostly bought by Families trying to be away from the tourist center and find a retreat with nice private gardens, perfect landscaping, swimming pool and tennis courts, security and a close to town and the shopping.

This private Home for Sale is reduced in price and offers 3 bedrooms on 2500 sqft interior and  a big lot of 6000 sqft in the best location.  Inside this gated community you find more real estate opportunities and you will have a free membership in one of the Resort Beach Clubs and can use their facilities as well.

Click on the picture to find the actual property listed for sale in Playa del Carmen.

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Golf Course Residences for Sale close to Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Today we would like to show you some different Real Estate.

Just north of Playa del Carmen, you will find Nick Price Golf Course Residences, a beautiful complex of luxurious Condos for Sale with fantastic common areas, membership for the owners in one of the most private beach clubs in the Riviera Maya, discounted rates at the golf course, very modern interior design and some of the most elegant rooftop areas/pools in the area.

If you like the privacy of owning away from town, the views over the golf course, the proximity of some of the best beaches in mexico and the simple fact of being part of one of the most exclusive developments in the world, called Grand Coral, this spot is perfect for you.

Click on the picture to find the special opportunity we can show our clients in this development and find more Real Estate and Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen on our Website, Point 2, Youtube and Facebook.

5 bedroom House for Sale close to the beach in Playa del Carmen


One of the nicest Homes available for Sale here in Playa del Carmen, is located in the beachfront community of Playacar Fase1.

This amazing opportunity in Playa del Carmen Real Estate offers its new owners 5 spacious bedrooms, 4,5 bathrooms and on every of the 4 level you can feel like really in your new home, just in the caribbean and only a few steps away from the beach.

If you want more than just one of the Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen and are interested in buying a house, where you and your family can spend the winters and enjoy the perfect climate here in Mexico, than Playacar Fase 1 is the best location to start your property search. Click on the picture to get the listing details.

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