Luxurious Loft style Condos with Ocean View in Playa del Carmen








One of the beautiful parts of owning one of the condos for sale you’ll find on our website instead of a house, is that the common areas offer you the advantage of a shared responsibility and less cost to maintain them.

Most of the time, those amazing rooftop pools with views overlooking the Caribbean Ocean are not visited and used a lot, so you actually have a fair chance of being the only person enjoying them. And you do not have to pay the extra price for a penthouse with a private rooftop. You will find, that there are many properties in Playa del Carmen where these advantages can save you up to 200,000 US if you you decide to buy real estate and choose a condo on the lower floors.

In the case of this brand new building you have the last 5 condos for sale on the 1st level with private entrances, 2 level interior with extra high ceilings, very modern design, private access to the underground parking and great discounts if you purchase before May.

If you want to check out more details, just click on the picture and visit our Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen website to find more interesting real estate opportunities.

Don’t forgot to see our Point 2 options and find us on Facebook and Youtube.

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