Haciendas Homes for Sale in Playa del Carmen

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When looking to buy real estate in Mexico,

one of the first images coming to mind is that of a beautiful hacienda with terracotta tiles, colorful interior, warm design details and place offering lots of good vibrations for you and your family.

Now, if you have been checking on the property market here in Playa del Carmen, you will know, that most of the times we promote ocean view condos for sale and luxurious homes close to the beach, as we are in the caribbean and millions of tourist come here and want to enjoy white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Mainly the newer buildings are very modern and elegant and it seems like if you want to live in a hacienda, the place to look is Merida or Guanajuato or San Miguel de Allende.

But a good realtor always finds you the impossible and we at Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen manage to be able to offer you a 3 bedroom Hacienda in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Playacar at a great price!!

You can enjoy the advantages of living in a gated community, be close to the golf course, enjoy free access to the facilities of the Playacar Beach Club and live in a save and tropical environment very close to the Caribbean Ocean.

For more info about the listing, just click on the picture and find all necessary details.

If you like what you see, don’t wait too long and come down soon and enjoy the best time of the year in Playa del Carmen.

For more real estate in this area, just visit our website or visit us on Point 2, Facebook or Youtube.


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