New Dream Home in the Mexican Caribbean









Another great Listing in Playa del Carmens real estate
This home was remodeled by owner and shows a great example of architecture
combining traditional Mexican and Modern Design.
Really well priced, this could be your new Dream Home in the Mexican Caribbean

If, on the other hand, a tranquil escape is desired, guests will cherish the serenity of the tropical garden, and will delight in being surrounded by nature at its finest.The property’s lush vegetation provides not only a striking and verdant view, but also privacy to host a barbecue for friends and family while taking advantage of Playa Del Carmen’s endless summer

What can you expect?
Top Quality of construction, very modern design, high end appliances, steady appreciation and of course the possibility for you to live in one of Playa del Carmen’s most luxurious properties.
This new development will achieve the perfect balance between comfort, technology, absolute luxury and security of its residents. Playas top address for real estate developments, 38th street, is right in front of this amazing development and will preserve its vegetation, giving a touch of wild and natural environment

For properties in this area, please visit our website and find us on Point 2, Facebook and Youtube.


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