Beautiful Mexican Style Homes for Sale in Playacar


  Great Price for this amazing Real estate Opportunity in Playa del Carmen

One of the amazing things when you work as

Realtor in Playa del Carmen is, that we are in

the most visited location in Mexico, but most

of the Homes and Condos for Sale are

designed very modern and sometimes even in    a very minimalist style.

Many of the Americans and Canadians, in

particular the ones who have traveled in the

country and visited places like San Miguel de

Allende and Guanajuato or Zacatecas, wish to enjoy a fusion between the real colonial Mexican Architecture and the great beauty of the Caribbean with the white, sandy beach and turquoise waters. These rare opportunities are not easy to find, but we keep our eyes open always and find you  the best Real estate Opportunities in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

The house on the picture was sold in less than a week. But there will be more properties waiting for you.

If you were not able to find the perfect property yet in the Riviera Maya, just write us.  We like to listen to your preferences, understand what you really have in mind and make sure that we offer you a real custom and personalized assistance in your property search.

Luxurious Condos for Sale in the most hip neighborhoods in Playa del Carmen, Oceanfront Homes in Playacar, Akumal or Tulum, romantic Villas in the jungle with their cenotes, Hacienda or Modern designer homes at the golf course, we find you everything you could possibly ask for at the best prices.

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MLS for Playa del Carmen Real Estate


You can spend hours searching for properties and condos for sale in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Mexico or just check out this website and make sure you find the best opportunities and bargains.


If you are looking to buy Real Estate in Playa

del Carmen or other areas of Mexico, you

definitely would like to use a MLS system and

search online for the best properties, best

prices, most recent sales and everything else,

which is important to find Condos

and Real Estate for Sale  in this area.

So far there is nothing comparable and quite

often Canadians and Americans spend entire

nights looking for the right property, having

themselves to exclude sold listings, wrong

priced properties and so on. The easiest way to avoid wasting your time is to use a Realtor

as their services are free for buyers and will point you to important legal details as well and in the best case they have the right knowledge and can refer to a well recommended lawyer.

Nevertheless in order to make your property search easier, we try to collect as many listings as possible and post them on our site. If you like to find the biggest collection, including many properties listed with other agents all over Playa del Carmen and other spots in the Riviera Maya as Tulum, Puerto Aventuras or Akumal, and the most useful database for real estate and condos, please visit Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen website or just click on the picture above.

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Where to invest your money in Mexico


new condos for sale close to the beach


So many people have asked recently about the

changes the Mexican Government is planning,

which affects the Real Estate Industry.

Since a while there are very solid rumors, that

Foreigner buying property in Playa del carmen

or other areas in Riviera Maya for example will

not need a banktrust in their name when

purchasing real estate.

And now there might be a TAX reform coming, where one point of many in the governments suggestion is to charge a 16% VAT tax on Real Estate sales.

Both of the changes would be major changes.

Here a bit more about this possibilities. We don’t really have an opinion about it and just wanted inform foreigners about the latest possible trends in Mexico real estate.The lower house of Mexican Congress has voted to allow foreigners to own residential property in their name and the next step is that senate needs to decide.

The idea is to boost the Real Estate market in Mexico. Since May the changes are being discussed and would mean a lot of change for the real estate industry and investments in Mexico.

Now the idea about charging a 16% VAt tax on real estate has not passed the lower house of congress neither the senate.

It is part of an initiative from the government to make a tax reform for Mexico. Basically what in implies for real estate is a 16% raise in prices. There is a real chance this might happen and if it becomes a law, we could expect this around January 2014.

What are our suggestions. As always plain and simple.

Regarding the banktrust. If you own a property here already – Nothing really needs to change.

If you want to buy a condo or home in the future, without banktrust you would save on the closing fees of course.

Regarding the possibility of a 16% VAT tax on Property Sales – really simple – Buy Now!

One of the best deals for Playa del Carmen Real Estate is Papaya Plus Condos. Click on the picture for details and get with us right now a 10% discount from the developer. Top Quality, Modern Design, Ocean View and you can buy it for less than 240k.

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Buy Beachfront Real Estate in Mexcio for less than 315,000 USD


costa maya vacation trip



The last weekend we just went to visit some friends in Mahahual, the place

to go when you visit the Costa Maya. Located just 180 miles south of Playa

del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, this tourist destination has seen immense

growth and is a great place to visit, if you like it tranquil and relaxed.

On the other side, it has been a great spot to invest into Real Estate for

foreigners interested in buying Beachfront Real Estate.


So we were there last time a few years ago and were really curious to see

how the place had developed and what we would do there. We only had a

weekend so the only thing we were sure of, was that we would try hard to

enjoy every single second.

Our first stop was at the amazing hotel of Luna de Plata. Just click here to find their website

The rooms were very clean and had enough space to host our small family of tree. Actually they had already a extra bed prepared for our daughter upon arrival. Apart from offering probably the best hospitality in the Costa Maya, they have a great restaurant and on our welcome dinner we ordered the seafood platter with catch of today, plus a lot of very nicely marinated shrimps, squids and naturally a superb lobster tail. Most probably that was one of the best meals we ever had and on top of this they prepared an amazing bolognesa for our little one.  You can use their private beach and sit on one of their beach beds if you like to watch the stars and the perfect Full Moon in the Costa Maya.

On our first day we went fishing and snorkeling in Placer, where you find Million Dollar Homes and a large community of US and Canadian owners and many Europeans, who offer dives at the amazing reefs or excursions to Chinchorro, which is one of the most magic places in Mexico. Ezekiel and Dario from Luna de Plata can help you with all the necessary info on these tours.

In the evening we visited Jats’a Ja Festival, which is a celebration for the rebirth of Mahahual after a hurricane a few years ago. Part of it was a food expo, where you could try the culinary highlights of most of the top restaurants in town. Here is the link for it, if you like to know a bit more about this great event.

Foe our last day, we planned just a quick trip to the beach, but working in real estate in Playa del Carmen for so many years, one cannot keep its eyes off the beautiful homes at the beach.

We actually drove the beach road south towards Xcalak and stopped at a small hotel called Almaplena

Whow, what a retreat. You need to visit it in person to understand. If you know the perfect beaches of Tulum, you will definitely enjoy this spot. It is even more virgin than Tulum, we jumped into the ocean and felt like we would be the first people ever enjoy this turquoise clear water.It is hard to believe, but living in Mexico for so may years, having the beach in the ocean in walking distance every single day of our life’s, I was literally knocked out by how beautiful this place is.




And as I said, we checked out some properties for sale and will confirm

prices and paperwork in the next days and than start uploading Condos and

Homes for Sale in Mahahual and Costa Maya for you and start uploading

listings very soon with unbelievable low prices for real estate close to the

beach just south of Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

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