Best Real Estate Deal in Town Playa del Carmen

IMG_0766  Right now if you would ask me where to

find the most interesting Real Estate Deal in

in Playa del Carmen, I probably would

point you this way. On a beautiful day you

can see on this picture, there is no better

place to be than in this exclusive Complex

offering the most luxurious Condos for

Sale in the Riviera Maya. Me personally I

am a big fan of the common areas as they

have soooo much space and offer 2 pools,

lots of beach beds, pergolas giving shade

and you can feel the breeze coming from

the Ocean everywhere, as it is only 10m to

walk and you will be there. The Place is

called Magia and it really shows a very own

way of magic that you can experience here. There is always security at the stairs going up to the common area and it just

gives you a great feeling, that they are dressed up nicely, know your name and greet you with a big smile. Further the

building offers to owners and tenants underground parking and of course its own gym and all the great spots to go out on

5th Avenue and the beach are in very close walking distance.

Now the real bargain on this is, that the property for sale is reduced on price to 329,000 US Dollar, so if you compare this to

prices anywhere else, you easily see why you have to seat yourself comfortable into the next flight down to Mexico and

make sure you get this prime Real Estate opportunity before others do again.

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Golf Course Villa for Sale in Puerto Aventuras


  only place in this part of mexico where you can buy real estate at the beach and the marina


Millions of people come and visit this part of Mexico

mainly because they like to spend their vacation and time with their family around the amazing Caribbean Waters Places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras can offer.

One of the reasons, which make Puerto Aventuras unique and explain why so many people purchase condos and villas here, is, that you can find the only Marina in the Riviera Maya.

So many Americans and Canadians own a property just 10 miles of Playa del Carmen or a 1 hour drive from Cancun Airport for the simple reason, that here they can park their yachts, go fishing and use one of the many providers for diving in the crystal clear waters just outside the reef.


Another great spot to find amazing real estate opportunities in this destination is around the golf course. On average the lot sizes are very big and perfect for residential properties. The gated community offers security, marina, golf course, beachfront resorts and is a prefect spot to invest money into your next real estate project.

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If you click on the

Luxurious Real Estate Playa del Carmen

Coming to Playa del Carmen now in October and November, you might be able to catch a very cheap flight and spend a few days at the best Caribbean Beaches and use the time to find great real estate opportunities and visit one of the condos for sale in Playa del Carmen. We like to assist you in your property search and I can tell you that the next two months are great to find special bargains as some owners realize the season is over until december and they haven’t been able to sell their property or other new homes come on the market and the sellers are very motivated to unload their real estate quickly.

Either way, your experts at Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen are ready to find you the best deals available and you are only one phone call away from your future Dream House/Condo in the Mexican Caribbean.

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Yours Sincerely Alexander Jablonski

Condos For Sale Playa del Carmen





There are many nice condos for sale in Playa del Carmen, the most visited spot in the Mexican Caribbean by Canadians and Americans.

But here at Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen, we make it our mission to find for our potential buyers the best deals available. We work very hard every day to make sure to have our data base always up to date and contact many owners to find out which properties are on the market in the best location and who of the seller are motivated and willing to sell at a great price. Playa del Carmen Real Estate market is very much a buyers market and it will not likely change for the next 2 years even if the volume of sales has been drastically increasing in the last 12 months.

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