Maybe the most amazing Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen?


There has been lots of new construction going

on from 26th street towards Coco Beach.

The municipality built new streets and extended

the pedestrian part of 5h Avenue after Avenida

CTM towards the Paradisus Hotel, which was an

obvious sign for local Real Estate specialist to

buy lots and houses in this area and start

remodeling and build duplex or triplex rental


Yesterday I spoke to a friend of mine on the phone and she needed for some of her friends coming down a restaurant recommendation. I realized quickly how hard that would be as there have been¬† so many new places opening between Little Italy and Coco Beach. Just didn’t have time to try all those new places out, but you can see that there are so many new business and buildings coming up here in Playa and we are possessively in low season, but tourist from all over the world make it a 80 % occupancy low season ūüôā

El Merkadito and Wings Army opened in Plaza San Pedro. I realized this when I came back from a showing with some clients and of course went back to try their amazing seafood/chicken wings.

The building we looked at is probably the most modern, spacious and luxurious building to be finished in the Coco Beach area. And best of all, these condos are not even more expensive than the neighboring Real Estate.

Playa del Carmen has many nice properties for sale, but these ones definitely leave a long lasting impression with me. My clients are seriously thinking about leaving a deposit here for one of the apartments and if you like to see more info about the 2-3 bedroom condos for sale here, just click on the picture. The units measure from 1400-1970 sqft interior plus rooftops, terraces, ocean view pool, garden pool, it really offers the most amazing design and I am sure that now towards the end of construction many buyer will choose this as their favorite real estate development in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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Deal of the week – 2 bedroom Condo in Coco Beach for less than 200k


Coco Beach is probably one of the most

interesting spots right now if you are

looking to buy Real Estate in Playa del

Carmen. Many new developments have

been build and are under construction.

5th Avenue is continuously growing this

way and you can observe a lot of new

restaurants and shops opening for tourist

coming from all over the world to visit

the jewel of the Riviera Maya every year.

Just this year the International Airport of

Cancun has been seeing Millions of people from the USA, Canada, Europe and all Latin America embarking and proving

right all the investors, who invested Billions of US Dollar into Tourism and Real Estate Developments in this part of


From the many interesting condos for sale in Playa del Carmen you can find on our website, we picked a particular enticing one for you today.

A 2 bedroom apartment, completely furnished and equipped, ready to move in, with great rental history and just one block to either the beach or 5th Avenue and definitely one of the best rooftop pools with ocean view in town.

Just click on the photo and find all important info about this property.

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Luxurious Loft style Condos with Ocean View in Playa del Carmen








One of the beautiful parts of owning one of the condos for sale you’ll find on our website instead of a house, is that the common areas offer you the advantage of a shared responsibility and less cost to maintain them.

Most of the time, those amazing rooftop pools with views overlooking the Caribbean Ocean are not visited and used a lot, so you actually have a fair chance of being the only person enjoying them. And you do not have to pay the extra price for a penthouse with a private rooftop. You will find, that there are many properties in Playa del Carmen where these advantages can save you up to 200,000 US if you you decide to buy real estate and choose a condo on the lower floors.

In the case of this brand new building you have the last 5 condos for sale on the 1st level with private entrances, 2 level interior with extra high ceilings, very modern design, private access to the underground parking and great discounts if you purchase before May.

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Spectacular Ocean View Condos for Sale Playa del Carmen


Have you been to Playa del Carmen recently and have you witnessed the latest real estate trends here?

Than you are for sure familiar with the Coco Beach area. The part of 5th Avenue, where you find the newest and pretty much best restaurants starts at 34th street and you will be surprised how many new businesses opened towards 46th street. As many of the high class restaurants find rental prices in the older part of town increasing, they decide to move over to this upcoming part of Playa del Carmen. Now between 5th Avenue and the beach you will find many new real estate developments with very well built and elegant  condos for sale. Playa del Carmen can be very quiet and relaxed if you know where to look for it and this spot has very residential character. You can find on our website the best deals in Playa del Carmen and we focus on Coco Beach as you find great value for your investment there. To give you a better idea, just click on the picture and you will be forwarded to one of the best selling developments in this area.

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Condos for Sale 50m from the Beach in Playa del Carmen


On your last trip to Playa del Carmen, have you checked the real estate opportunities waiting for you in this Part of the Mexican Caribbean?

One area to find great condos for sale is Coco Beach, where you find the newest and most modern real estate.

There is no area with more construction going on and all the news restaurants and shops open in this part of 5th Avenue. If you like to find more info about this property for sale  in Coco Beach, just click on the picture.

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Coco Beach Condos for Sale Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is probably the most visited city in the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean by visitors from Canada and the United States.

Millions of Tourist come here to spend their vacation, their honeymoon, get married at the white sandy beaches or in one of the world class resorts. People love to dive in the cenotes or in the open sea or they just come to see the famous Tulum Ruins or go and visit Chichen Itza.

Many of those who came and felt in love with the friendly people and the amazing location realized the great options to invest in Playa del Carmen Real Estate.

There are many condos for sale at very reasonable prices and the market for properties in the Riviera Maya has been growing steadily since the last 15 years.

One area of interest is Coco beach. Here you find some of the best Properties and you will be surprised about how good the quality of construction really is, how modern and sophisticated the design of the buildings is and again how easy it is to make a nice profit on future vacation rentals.

Find more info about the Condos for Sale in the most attractive area for Real Estate Mexico when you click on the picture above.


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Penthouse Drastically Reduced – Ocean View!


From the Desk of Alexander Jablonski

Hello Everyone,

Just got this fantastic property as a real estate listng.

2 bedroom penthouse with private rooftop terrace and ocean view.

Just click on the picture to check it out and don’t forget to ask me about the 220k unit in the same building, for this money you can’t really get closer to the beach and live in a modern 2 bedroom with elegant and exlusive interior design, underground parking, elevator, rooftop pool and just 20 m to 5th

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Coco Beach Real Estate Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the center of tourism activity in the Riviera Maya, which is the Mexican Part of the Caribbean.

Millions of Americans and Canadians come to visit and enjoy the white sandy beaches.

For Real Estate Investors Playa del Carmen  has many condos and homes for sale to offer. The market is very stable and every year we see new building coming up, showing architectural and design of international quality standards.

To find the best condos for sale you might want to have a look at the area of Coco beach.

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Ocean View Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen


From the Desk of Alexander Jablonski:

Definitely one of the best Buildings in Town.

Ocean View from the rooftop, nice open floor plan, lots of daylight and nice spacious balcony, you’ll see- it is a great place to live.
Some of my clients who bought here couldn’t stop telling me how much they liked it after we furnished their places and they spend their first vacation here.
You can walk to 5th Avenue and the beach in less than 2 minutes and the builder did an amazing job.
We can get

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2 bedroom Condo Coco Beach at 245k


Alexander Jablonski emailed you the following listing.

Hello Everyone,

This nice 2 bedroom condo is located just a few steps from the beach and 5th Avenue.
The owner lowered the price to 245k in order to sell quickly. Almost 1400 sqft including balconies, completely furnished, 2 balconies, roof top pool with ocean view and a very high potential to make money on vacation rentals.

I know some of you asked me about bath tubs and why they hardly are used in here, but this place has one

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