Luxurious Loft style Condos with Ocean View in Playa del Carmen








One of the beautiful parts of owning one of the condos for sale you’ll find on our website instead of a house, is that the common areas offer you the advantage of a shared responsibility and less cost to maintain them.

Most of the time, those amazing rooftop pools with views overlooking the Caribbean Ocean are not visited and used a lot, so you actually have a fair chance of being the only person enjoying them. And you do not have to pay the extra price for a penthouse with a private rooftop. You will find, that there are many properties in Playa del Carmen where these advantages can save you up to 200,000 US if you you decide to buy real estate and choose a condo on the lower floors.

In the case of this brand new building you have the last 5 condos for sale on the 1st level with private entrances, 2 level interior with extra high ceilings, very modern design, private access to the underground parking and great discounts if you purchase before May.

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Golf Course Residences for Sale close to Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Today we would like to show you some different Real Estate.

Just north of Playa del Carmen, you will find Nick Price Golf Course Residences, a beautiful complex of luxurious Condos for Sale with fantastic common areas, membership for the owners in one of the most private beach clubs in the Riviera Maya, discounted rates at the golf course, very modern interior design and some of the most elegant rooftop areas/pools in the area.

If you like the privacy of owning away from town, the views over the golf course, the proximity of some of the best beaches in mexico and the simple fact of being part of one of the most exclusive developments in the world, called Grand Coral, this spot is perfect for you.

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BPM Festival 2013 – Have you been here?

bpm people

“The BPM festival is a annual world class electronic music festival which takes place in idyllic Playa del Carmen”, thats what you can find online when you google the BPM festival.

I have to say, I don’t personally like techno music that much.

There are other voices of tourist staying here during this time of the year and they complain about the noise during the night.

I think, that the BPM brings enormous revenues to Playa del Carmen. Lots of the younger and older visitors of the festival spend a lot of money in the restaurants and beach clubs, shops and not to forget, they pay usually top dollar when it comes to renting condos. So investing into Real Estate in Playa del Carmen and renting to tourist, you might say, they pay double the price of a normal rental.

I live close to 5th avenue and the noise from the beach was easily to be heard here at night. Didn’t like it much. But on the other side, the year has 365 sunny days in Playa del Carmen and i’d say most of them are very tranquilo and fun. Actually when I closed the windows and put on some easy listening background music, I was back asleep pretty fast.

Others were not so happy, which I understand as well. What do you think about it? Please feel free to comment on it.

Playa changed a lot in the last 10 years. From a small fishermen village to the center of  Riviera Maya with many people visiting every year. The BPM festival is only here for 9 days, actually I think it is one of many highlights here and  a great magnet for people from all over the world to come here, and actually everyone can profit from it a lot. As I write this here, with my windows open, I only hear our House Gecko chirping his song, no music at all. But i meet people from the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Italy, Spain, i mean it seems from every country in this world, unbelievable!

But I love to be here the other 356 days of the year as well…

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JUst click on the picture if you actually want to see what it is about. I makes me smile, actually, if you like the music or not, Playa is all about vibes and vibrations, and always has been and those guys take the vibration literally. I guess it depends just on ones perspective.


Happy New Year and a Great Real Estate Sales 2013 in Playa del Carmen


On Behalf of Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen I just wanted to take the chance and say Thank you for a great Year 2012 and we hope to meet you again in 2013 and show you the best Real Estate Selection in Playa del Carmen and other areas in Mexico.

Playa del Carmen Real Estate Opportunities



One of the most upcoming neighborhood to search for Playa del Carmen Real Estate is just north of 38th street, Coco Beach, where you enjoy white sandy beaches, a Caribbean turquoise water and beautiful coco nut palm trees.  You will witness many new construction going up and all new buildings are very modern and elegant. There is a high demand for vacation rentals and a steady grow of new high clasee shops and restaurants in this area og 5th Avenue.

Click on the picture to find detailed info about one of the best condos for sale in this area of Playa del Carmen and visit our website Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen for more properties in this area. You can check out as well the Point 2 site and find us on youtube and facebook.

Beachfront Condos for Sale PLaya del Carmen

Obviously the best place to buy Real Estate in Playa del Carmen is right at the white, sandy caribbean beach. If you plan to invest into one of those condos for sale and make them create good rental income for you in the future, we just have the right properties waiting for you here.

Located in the the gated community of Playacar fase 1, we can offer you the most exclusive homes and condos for sale in Playa del Carmen, the best place to buy real estate in Mexico.

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Condos for Sale Playa del Carmen

One of the nicest developments in Playa del Carmen is offering the last units available for great discount prices. You will not find better prices for condos for sale in Playa del Carmen at the moment.

The building has 24 apartments and the 2 bedroom condos for sale are 2 level lofts with 2 bedrooms, very spacious living room and kitchen area, an open mezzanine for the tv area, private access to the underground parking, elevator, the  most amazing rooftop with great ocean views and they offer great vacation rental potential to investors from Canada, US or Mexico

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