Rental Income Property for Sale Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen is a perfect spot to spend your next vacation. White, sandy beaches and the Caribbean Ocean make it the first choice for millions of tourist coming every year.

But it is a great place as well to buy real estate in Mexico. It is a fast growing city and apart from lots of condos bought as second homes and rented for vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen, the market is very interesting as well to invest in properties for sale with great potential to rent them out long tern to residents of this beautiful town. You would wonder if you see the high number of how much you can earn with some of those homes in renting them out all year long.

My recommended area would be Villas del Carmen, which is a complex of 18 town homes, sharing a very nice common area with pool and a palapa for a Sunday BBQ .

On top of making a very good, steady income with the current tenants, the owner is negotiable on the price and you buy a property with potential to build another apartment on top of the existing construction and can later in the future live and rent at the same time. A perfect investment to increase your monthly income later once you retire.

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Margaritas Condos For Sale Playa del Carmen

One of the best complexes to buy Playa del Carmen Real Estate is Margaritas 2.

Very generous and easy floor plans, pretty much the biggest apartments available in Playa del Carmen, a very nice common area, high potential for vacation rental, central location with not more than 5 minutes walking distance to the beach and 5th Avenue, Mega Market and Wallmart and other delis close by, many residents decided to buy a condo in Margaritas 2, because of the before mentioned reasons.

Now apart from all those buyers decision making points, the most decisive fact is, that you can buy in Margaritas 2 amazing condos for sale for less than 165,000 US!!!

Check out new Listing and have a look at the neighborhood.

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Great Investment Property for Sale Playa del Carmen

This property has been on the market for a while, so the owner unofficially told me they would take 145k. basically there has been a high demand for luxurious condos and homes this year, but smart investors always know the real value of rental income producing property. This 3 bedroom can be extended and you can build another apartment on top, but basically you can expect almost 7,5% ROI the way it is. Contact me for more detailed info. You can find more Condos and Homes for Sale in Playa del Carmen on our Website and on Youtube and Facebook

3 bedroom condos for sale in Playa del Carmen for less than you expect!!!

Have you ever heard of a 3 bedroom condo for sale at 125,000 US, just a 10 minute walk to the best beaches in the Riviera Maya. Unfurnished, but very spacious, this property is perfect to be bought cheap and rented out. Many buyers are more interested in luxurious properties for sale close to the beach and in the last 15 months we could observe a drastic increase of sales in the category of real estate above the 300,000 US Dollar mark, but personally I believe, that investors always should keep an eye on the rental income properties like this condo. Just click on the picture to get more info on the listing.

Apart from being able to create nice returns for the initial investments, those money producing properties are always a really good indicator for the Playa del Carmen Real Estate Market. For more listings in the Playa del Carmen Centro Neighborhood, click here.

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