Benito Juarez

Image Living in Mexico since a long time and working in Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, where we have seen many busy days, it always amazes me to wake up one morning and find out there is a national holiday here.

For sure for those living here, i bet you perfectly understand this situation, when you leave your house or condo on a sunny day, are about to start the working part of living in the Caribbean and find out, that e.g. the bank is closed or the government offices are not open…does it sound familiar?

Mexico has a rich history and it is easy to forget this because of the simple fact, that we live in this paradise one finds in Playa del Carmen. Who really cares which date and day it is, if you can enjoy the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches  every single one of them 🙂

If you are interested in Benito Juarez, whose birthday is coming up very soon and will be celebrated here, just click on the picture. He was one of the most important politicians in Mexico and is considered something like a Mexican Abraham Lincoln and held in high regard.

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A day off from Playa del Carmen Real Estate and it is time to take a weekend and go and visit the magical place of Tulum.

Not as interesting for condos for sale and real estate investments like Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, but a perfect spot to spend a weekend and let recharge your batteries.

We pretty much always would go to La Vita e Bella and considered this our favorite Beach Club in Tulum.

Great Menu with seafood and real italian pizza, close to the ancient Tulum Ruins and just a beautiful spot to spend time with your family.

This weekend we decided to go and visit Las Ranitas Hotel and we had one of our best times in Tulum.

The rooms are very much the best I have seen so far in Tulum and because of this and the amazing location, it is a favorite spot for many Americans and Canadians to come down and get married here.

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Las Ranitas is probably one of the closest Boutique Hotels to Sian Kian Biosphere, very private and with the perfect beach, miles of white sandy Caribbean ones with coco nut palm trees and yesterday the full moon to make this the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your free time.

From today on we will be in the office again and you can contact us for current real estate opportunities in Playa del Carmen and more info about Mexico and the beautiful secrets we like to share with you.

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Weddings in Riviera Maya

 I wanted to use this chance to talk about something different than Real Estate and Condos for Sale in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.


The Riviera Maya is a paradise and millions of tourist come down every year to enjoy the Caribbean Beaches. In the last years another new industry came up apart from Tourism and Real Estate.

Destination Weddings. American and Canadian couples discovered this unique location and are attracted to the beauty of the ocean and the beach and as well by the very affordable prices of getting married in Mexico. As in Real Estate you are guaranteed to be successful if you hire someone to be your person of trust.

I like to recommend you a local wedding planner here, who is the person to talk to if you are planning to get married in Mexico. She takes away all the difficulties of finding the right location for the ceremony, she connects you with the best vendors and finds you the best prices for the entire event. And last but not least, she will make this day the best moment of your life and the only thing you have to do is to be present and enjoy your wedding day!!!

Check out their website Dream Weddings Riviera Maya and ask for Joyce!!!

If you click on the picture you’ll find some reviews of them.

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