Real Estate Opportunities in Tulum, Mexico


one of themost interesting spots to look for real estate is Tulum as it is in harmony with nature and one of the last paradise in the world

South of Playa del Carmen, not more than a

40min car drive you will find Tulum. One of the

most visited and magical places in the Riviera

Maya, Mexico. Two of the main reasons for all

the millions of Americans and Canadians

coming here are the endless miles of white

sandy beach and of course the only Mayan

Ruins on the Water. After spending a bit of time

here at one of the Pristine Beach Clubs like Ziggy Beach Club  or La Vita e Bella and some of the best ceviches and margaritas, you never ever want to go back to the cold.

Of course one of the first things, which happen when one spends a day in this paradise, is the urgent desire to buy real estate. It is very easy to picture this surroundings as your future and many, who came as visitors stayed and build up their new lifes in Tulum and the Riviera Maya. There are a few details one should know about making this changes in your life and how to plan the single steps of this amazing adventure.

One of the very first is definitely to find a home or condo for sale and we are happy to show you a great selection of Real Estate in Tulum or the close by communities of Tankah and Akumal. There are a lot of really good deals to find on our Tulum Real Estate Site, just click here.

Of course we are more than happy to help you with every little question you have in case you plan to relocate and love mexico as much as we do.

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Beautiful Mexican Style Homes for Sale in Playacar


  Great Price for this amazing Real estate Opportunity in Playa del Carmen

One of the amazing things when you work as

Realtor in Playa del Carmen is, that we are in

the most visited location in Mexico, but most

of the Homes and Condos for Sale are

designed very modern and sometimes even in    a very minimalist style.

Many of the Americans and Canadians, in

particular the ones who have traveled in the

country and visited places like San Miguel de

Allende and Guanajuato or Zacatecas, wish to enjoy a fusion between the real colonial Mexican Architecture and the great beauty of the Caribbean with the white, sandy beach and turquoise waters. These rare opportunities are not easy to find, but we keep our eyes open always and find you  the best Real estate Opportunities in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

The house on the picture was sold in less than a week. But there will be more properties waiting for you.

If you were not able to find the perfect property yet in the Riviera Maya, just write us.  We like to listen to your preferences, understand what you really have in mind and make sure that we offer you a real custom and personalized assistance in your property search.

Luxurious Condos for Sale in the most hip neighborhoods in Playa del Carmen, Oceanfront Homes in Playacar, Akumal or Tulum, romantic Villas in the jungle with their cenotes, Hacienda or Modern designer homes at the golf course, we find you everything you could possibly ask for at the best prices.

For more Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya Real Estate visit our website and enjoy the properties listed or just fill out a contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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MLS for Playa del Carmen Real Estate


You can spend hours searching for properties and condos for sale in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Mexico or just check out this website and make sure you find the best opportunities and bargains.


If you are looking to buy Real Estate in Playa

del Carmen or other areas of Mexico, you

definitely would like to use a MLS system and

search online for the best properties, best

prices, most recent sales and everything else,

which is important to find Condos

and Real Estate for Sale  in this area.

So far there is nothing comparable and quite

often Canadians and Americans spend entire

nights looking for the right property, having

themselves to exclude sold listings, wrong

priced properties and so on. The easiest way to avoid wasting your time is to use a Realtor

as their services are free for buyers and will point you to important legal details as well and in the best case they have the right knowledge and can refer to a well recommended lawyer.

Nevertheless in order to make your property search easier, we try to collect as many listings as possible and post them on our site. If you like to find the biggest collection, including many properties listed with other agents all over Playa del Carmen and other spots in the Riviera Maya as Tulum, Puerto Aventuras or Akumal, and the most useful database for real estate and condos, please visit Homes for Sale Playa del Carmen website or just click on the picture above.

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Build Your own Dream House in Playa del Carmen at the Golf Course


construction and fixer upper are a way to make sure you will in the end own your dream home in Playa del Carmen

One way of owning the perfect Playa del Carmen Real Estate is of course to go online and find a trustworthy Realtor.

Usually they would send you different options of homes and condos for sale in either Playa del Carmen, Tulum,               Akumal,Puerto Aventuras or other areas in the   Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Most of the times this works out just perfectly      fine and you will have a second home in Mexico,which you  can use yourself or for vacation rentals.


Sometimes Americans and Canadians will buy a property and do a small remodeling project in order to change a few details to their personal liking’s.

One other way to guarantee that you own your perfect dream home in the Riviera Maya is, to hire a team of architects and builders to design your own idea of a house and let them do the job.

You will find land for sale in great locations on the beach or more common at the various golf courses in the Riviera Maya, like in Playacar, Mayacoba, Grand Coral or the Bahia Principe development close to Tulum.

You will wonder how many foreigners and local residents were choosing this road and build the most amazing and modern homes in this part of Mexico. Check with your Realtor for great deals regarding land and fixer upper homes in Playa del Carmen. You will sometimes be able to save money in the process and build extra ordinary properties, just the way you imagined it always.

We chose one example and if you want to know more about this great opportunity, just click on the picture.

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Tulum Condo For Sale – Beautiful Common Area

TulumRealEstate_20Tulum Luxury Lifestyle

Step into luxury at affordable prices in this new Tulum condo residential development! This is Tulum Real Estate at its best.

Units are equipped with 1 or 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and boast a comfortable 1080 square feet of open living space. The common area is to die for , and if you love green and are partial to jungle living, this comes as close as possible, while still living a modern lifestyle.

Close to the central part of the city Tulum there is more than 30,000 square feet of tropical garden in the common area. There’s a wonderful pool, amazing waterfalls, and you’re just a few minutes away driving, to the majestic beauty of the Tulum beaches nearby.

More amenities include:

– parking space for 2 cars
– 2-3 bedroom villas
– 1-2 bedroom condos
– air conditioning
– granite counter tops in kitchen
– bosch stoves
– storage room
– laundry room
– high end bathroom equipment
– super sized rooftop solarium
– tintex glass windows for solar control
– tempered glass showers

You’ve at least got to see it to believe it. If a quiet jungle lifestyle, lived slightly more in a modern way is what you’ve been looking for, you have found it in this Tulum Condo development! For more great pictures, click on the photo above.

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Tulum Real Estate -The Best Spot in Tulum!


So much space for living and luscious greenery!

Tulum Villas and Condos For Sale

I know you’ve been waiting for this!  Love the tranquility and simple life that can be found further south in the beautiful part of the Mexican Caribbean known as Tulum?   Here is a great development to purchase property such as condos and villas in Tulum, Quintana Roo.

This unit is located close to the central town of Tulum and has over 30,000 square feet of tropical garden common area.

These villas and condos are equipped with a gorgeous pool, waterfalls and is just a few short minutes drive to the beautiful beaches of Tulum.

Some of the the other amenities include:

– parking space for 2 cars
– 2-3 bedroom villas
– 1-2 bedroom condos
– air conditioning
– granite counter tops in kitchen
– bosch stoves
– storage room
– laundry room
– high end bathroom equipment
– super sized rooftop solarium
– tintex glass windows for solar control
– tempered glass showers

What are you waiting for? Click on the picture above for more information and photos. Priced at $165,000 USD, it’s in a price range that could possibly make some dreams come true for you!

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A day off from Playa del Carmen Real Estate and it is time to take a weekend and go and visit the magical place of Tulum.

Not as interesting for condos for sale and real estate investments like Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, but a perfect spot to spend a weekend and let recharge your batteries.

We pretty much always would go to La Vita e Bella and considered this our favorite Beach Club in Tulum.

Great Menu with seafood and real italian pizza, close to the ancient Tulum Ruins and just a beautiful spot to spend time with your family.

This weekend we decided to go and visit Las Ranitas Hotel and we had one of our best times in Tulum.

The rooms are very much the best I have seen so far in Tulum and because of this and the amazing location, it is a favorite spot for many Americans and Canadians to come down and get married here.

For more info about weddings just click on the picture.

Las Ranitas is probably one of the closest Boutique Hotels to Sian Kian Biosphere, very private and with the perfect beach, miles of white sandy Caribbean ones with coco nut palm trees and yesterday the full moon to make this the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your free time.

From today on we will be in the office again and you can contact us for current real estate opportunities in Playa del Carmen and more info about Mexico and the beautiful secrets we like to share with you.

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